Municipal Market Investment Advisors

"We're in the stay rich business, not the get rich business."
Craig W. Henderson

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Does CWH work directly with individuals?
CWH works with both individuals as well as investment professionals. Please call our office at (312) 222-1401 to discuss our approach to municipal bond portfolio management.

Where do clients custody their assets?
CWH has strong relationships with many institutions. We can assist you in opening a dedicated custody account for your municipal bond portfolio.

What is the minimum account size?
Direct client account minimums are typically $1,000,000. Client account minimums for sub-advisory relationships are typically $500,000. These account minimums allow us to appropriately structure client portfolios with proper diversification and liquidity characteristics.

Will CWH accept existing fixed income securities?
Yes, however, we will evaluate existing securites prior to bringing them under our management.

Will CWH anaylze an existing bond portfolio?
The Firm provides complimentary portfolio transition analyses that illustrate how C.W. Henderson & Associates, Inc. would manage an existing municipal portfolio differently to enhance risk/return characteristics.  Areas of focus for these transitions include:

  • Liquidity Risk
  • Credit Quality
  • Geographic Diversification
  • Opportunities for Yield Enhancements
  • De Minimis and Negative Convexity Risk
  • Alpha Generation
  • Tax Considerations

What is active management?
Trading takes place in accounts to maximize after tax returns. Porfolio turnover varies to changes in market dynamics and clients' tax circumstances.  
How does CWH customize their services to meet individual client needs?
We tailor portfolios by taking into consideration clients' risk tolerance, state of residency, AMT status and individual tax loss/gain situations. Our objective is to maximize after tax returns in client portfolios. Please call us to discuss individual requests or needs.